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This decadent Long Island ice tea will satisfy your palate while giving you superb aromatic stimulation.  The lavender and hibiscus botanical notes are brightened by the sprigs of mint added to your flavor pack.  

This item comes with a homemade herb satchel with fruit and vegetable blends made from scratch and canned for fresh quality during shipping. 


Mixologist Suggestion:

For Cocktails: Add vodka, white rum, silver tequila, gin, triple sec

For mocktails: Add Cola, tea, or tonic 


*As these items are made to order please use them within 5 days of receiving your kit.  If you are having an event and need it for a particular date, email us a clink@chalicepremium.com and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

*Packaging may differ from photos. 


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