About Chalice Premium

I’m Zakiyyah Walker. Founder | CEO of Chalice Premium.
I love elevated cocktails and mocktails. However, family, friends, and I have noticed a
pervasive issue – the neglect of attention to detail beyond the glass and the exclusivity
of social responsibility that often alienates consumers who vote with our wallets.
When we spend money, it’s about more than the consumable goods and fun times, it’s
about the entire journey of the brand and its ethos. We want our dollars to do good.
The market is saturated with incumbents who fail to meet the diversity, pay equity, and
parity basics.
This is not just a challenge; it's a call for a new approach. And we have developed a
new approach
The Problem: Overlooking Diversity and Inclusion and Representation in
[Image: Image representing lack of diversity]
The problem extends beyond the glass; it's deeply rooted in the entire supply chain.
These needs have been overlooked for decades, leaving behind untapped flavors,
perspectives, unexplored markets, and global dollars left on the table to the tune of 7.1
trillion dollars in untapped spending power if they were to reasses.
Marginalized workers are paid below living wages and local BIPOC, LGBTQ, and other
marginalized suppliers are virtually ignored in pay, social parity with their peers, and
representation. The industry requires a paradigm shift towards a more representative
and inclusive landscape, and this is where Chalice Premium steps in.

The Solution: Elevating and Amplifying Through Luxurious Experiences
[Image: Image representing luxury beverages]
Chalice Premium is the first beverage brand to create consumable luxury that is
exclusively inclusive.

Created for tastemakers and trendsetters who want to enjoy consumable luxury
ethically, Chalice provides luxury cocktail/ mocktail experiences while being committed
to social responsibility.

Our solution starts with amplifying attention to our ingredients, suppliers, mixologists,
and of course, consumers. We source predominately from BlPOC and LGBTQ and
disabled suppliers and partner with the world's top diverse mixologists a curators and
creators.. Unlike the incumbents, fair pay, equity, and representation are built into our
Our vision is to redefine the beverage industry by addressing these pain points.
What is Chalice Premium?
1. Experience Effortless Cocktail Creation at Your Fingertips
Chalice offers effortless cocktail creation at your fingertips. Our curated drink kits
provide an enjoyable cocktail-making experience. Everything you need delbedto your
Immerse yourself in mixology mastery through educational resources and hands-on
learning opportunities out our esteemed inclusive panel of mixology virtuosos, carefully
selected for their expertise and passion diverse experienced partners through our
unique masterclasses.
Step into the vibrant Chalice: Black Social Club, a haven for cocktail enthusiasts
seeking to connect, share, and learn with fellow enthusiasts and elevate your cocktail
game to unparalleled heights.
With Chalice Premium, you'll, the home mixologist, embark on a transformative journey
into the art of mixology, gaining unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge, resources,
and an exclusive community of passionate individuals of mixology.
Revenue Model
Our revenue model caters to a diverse range of consumers. Whether it's one-time
purchases, Chalice Club subscriptions, on-demand and 1:1 masterminds or group
experiences – we've created an ecosystem of joy, entertainment, and engagement for
the collective good and social equity.
Reiterating the Importance of Representation in Luxury Beverage
[Image: Image representing diversity and luxury]
For this space to survive and thrive in, representation is not just important; it's
paramount. Chalice Premium is leading the charge in proving that true luxury is not
exclusive; it's inclusive. It's about seeing yourself in the products you consume and
recognizing the value of diversity in every sip of meticulously crafted beverages. Our
commitment to representation is not just a business strategy; it's our ethos."

Joining the Solution
[Image: Image of a diverse group celebrating]
"Now, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Let's turn challenges into
opportunities together and redefine what luxury means in the beverage landscape."
I welcome any questions you may have about how Chalice Premium is uniquely
positioned to solve these industry challenges.